Gluten free diet

have you ever tried a gluten free diet?did you have any improvements?

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I haven’t tried, but I’ve read multiple places that going gluten-free when you’re not gluten intolerant might do more damage than good, so be careful.

Well, I have no doubt that gluten or lactose intolerance can create or worsen symptoms, but there is still no reason to go off of those things unless the intolerance is confirmed by a doctor.
You’ll be causing yourself unnecessary grief, costing yourself more money than you need, and depriving yourself of important proteins.

The gluten/casein free diet has been known to help a small subset of psychotic patients. I tried it, and it did nothing for me. If you do diet, make sure you don’t cheat at all. One single slice of bread or pat of butter will ruin weeks of careful dieting. There is no such thing as a “low gluten” diet.


I’m gluten free because I have Celiac disease. It helped my health in many ways, but my mental health did not improve.

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I am intolerant, but as luck would have it, I take Tylenol 1 for arthritis and it counters the effects of eating Gluten. Without Tylenol 1, I would be better off not eating it.

I found out way too late into my illness that I’m gluten and casein intolerant. Gluten really makes my symptoms flare up. A slice of bread and I’m in a really bad place. Unfortunately they put this stuff into everything it seems, bullion cubes, vegan sausages, most potato chips(either gluten or casein), etc.

Just a week ago I had some beet salad, I remember thinking that there’s no way there could be gluten in it, I had already put it on my plate and ate a tiny bit, then thought it’s better still to check, sure enough it had wheat in it. And I felt the effects for about a week, must’ve been a super tiny amount in the teriyaki sauce that was in it.

Before cutting out gluten my doses would go up for years and I didn’t know what the reason was, we’re talking 0,05mg of Risperidone once every 2 months(I take a solution), that adds up to 0,6 mg a year. Now as I’ve been avoiding it like the plaque this doesn’t happen anymore and I’ve been on the same dose for over a year now, but I haven’t been able to lower it either.

Soy sauce often contains wheat. It’s why I don’t find it safe to eat Chinese food.

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FOr the most part I am gluten free.

It was suspected I had cealiac a while ago based on some symptoms and an uncertain blood test result.

I went gluten free and all my symptoms went away.

I had to go back eating gluten for encodoscopy to rule it out for sure but it came back negative. That is great. Because I can still eat some gluten here and there.

Gluten does not affect my mental health in any shape or form. However it wreaked havoc on my intensities and bowels. I was in so much pain.

Not eating gluten means much more fresh food. Cooking etc. And there is some great gluten free stuff. But it is more expensive.

If you eat gluten free stack up on protein. It lacks in that department.

yeah they sell gluten free breads, crackers, bagels and such. People don’t have to go without anymore. As for proteins can get that with eggs, meats, seeds, nuts. I avoid dairy too.

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gluten makes me reaaaaaaaaaally tired, I can’t tolerate it. Also headaches and constipation. Takes commitment to be gluten free but its worthwhile in my case.

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Yep. I notice the headaches more after Chinese food (migraines from hell) and tiredness after something like a pizza.

100% gluten free is impossible for me. So I do sneak a bit of gluten in. (And I don’t drive so I can’t go from supermarket to supermarket picking stuff up)

I may have the odd gluten wrap etc when I cook and I don’t do gluten free gravey or dairy (fine with dairy). But I’d say my diet is about 95% gluten free

My symptoms have cleared most important . Not sure why my blood tests were suggestive of it. Something to do with my immune system IGA or something.

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