Gluten and schizophrenia


is there a link between gluten consumption and schizophrenia? a gluten free diet works for schizophrenia?


Gluten free is just another fad diet. The so called benefits are like CBD oil, a cure for everything. There’s no reputable science behind it, exceptforthose who actually are celiac. The only good thing about the gluten free trend is the number of products available for actual celiacs.


There’s research that a gluten free diet can help a small percentage of schizophrenics.


there is a lot of new research on the gut-brain connection. For the general population gluten free may be a bit of a fad, but for people with mental health issues (autism, schizophrenia) it is way worth looking into. When i was on a diet containing gluten my hallucinations and mood were far worse.

all you have to do is google celiac disease and schizophrenia to see


I tried it and it did nothing for me. But it may help a very small percent of us. It’s a pretty low-risk treatment method to test out on yourself, so go ahead and try it. You might get lucky, or it might do nothing, but I highly doubt it will hurt you anywhere except the wallet.


i would give it a shot, but if you do it you have to do it full way and for a while to see the effects. In some cases (if you have celiac atleast) you have to wait for your anti-body levels to come down

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I tried it for 2 full months, without any deviation, and it did nothing for me.

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