Use of a Gluten-Free Diet in Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review


Has anybody tried this? I went without bread for a long time but can’t see any real difference in depression, anxiety, …

Probably placebo. 3 out of 8 studies found no effect.

I dont think it is placebo… I think there is a part of schizophrenics that is sensitive to gluten and a part that isnt. I think i read somewhere it is also the other way round…celiacs have higher risk of psychosis.

OK. I don’t think Schizophrenia has anything to do with gluten for anyone.

I think none of us really knows… except that it seems to be that celiacs have a higher risk to psychosis/sz and sz a higher risk to glutensensitivity. And there are some studies where a selected glutensensitive subset seems to improve with glutenfree diet.


Open question (not meant in a critical way, just out of curiosity, to know more): why do you think there is no link?

It seems likely that if there is any effect on symptoms of schizophrenia, that’s just indirectly because of reduced stress from treating the gluten intolerance.

Could be, I just dont know. But if i was tested, had antibodies to gluten, was put on a diet and psychosis and eps improved (like the patients in the latter study)…I wouldnt really care whether it was direct or indirect…if it helps, it helps.

There is a case of a woman who cured her schizophrenia with a gluten-free diet. He started with a low-carb diet and then became vegan.

Edit: I don’t think it’ll cure every people’s schizophrenia, but it’s worth a try.

There is a girl at my church (Unitarian Universalist) who is a therapist and spoke out about her gluten allergy. She told the whole congregation about struggling with hearing voices for years, and meds didn’t help her. It turned out she had a gluten allergy, and now is symptom free as long as she stays on the diet. I think this means there’s a subset of people with symptoms who could be relieved (or even cured) with a gluten-free diet. The thing is, we don’t know how to identify these people.

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