Glitches and weird things

Sorry, @SurprisedJ, I’ve adopted your term at my own.

Does anyone else he have weird habits? I mean things you do over and over that you can’t explain?

I’ll give an example. I blink respectfully. If I see someone I know I’ll nod to my head to them (which is a conscious effort) and I’ll blink (an automatic action). I give a slow heavy blink and to me that conveys respect, hey how are you doing, and all that good stuff. To me it isn’t the nod that acknowledges their existence for me emotionally. It’s the blink. Does anyone else do this or is it just me?

Am I weird or is this a common sz trait?

If you do some sort of glitch or blink what do you do?


People tell me I bow! I am not conscious of doing this at all. Just that I lower my head like some Regency house servant.

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People tell me I sway like tree in the wind…

I slowly shift my weight from one foot to another… I’m not always conscious of it.

Another thing I do is rock. Again… not always conscious of it.

Haha I do this too!! :slight_smile:

I blink like that too. I started doing it with my cats than passed it on to humans. lol… anyway, I don’t think is weird.

When I’m trying to sleep, I randomly start shaking my left leg like my brain knows when I’m gonna start experiencing tactile hallucinations. Also I have a habit of giving people I know a nod when they pass by

I blink a lot when I have anxiety. Like compulsively.

I used to think I could fight the devil. Just say in the name of Jesus… Don’t play w fire ppl.

I’m totally using that for one of my characters.

Do you just rock when you sit?

Sorry about all of these questions. :frowning: I’m just really curious about what’s going on with everyone else as far as mannerisms. I have lots of things that I don’t realize I do (like the blinking) and I get really irrationally angry sometimes and I just wonder if it’s just me or if everyone else is like this too.

If I rock when I stand I’m most likely board.

If I rock when I sit… I’m getting anxious.

When I was first ill and on Modecate I used to blink so much, and I had an habit of closing my eyes without realising it - so I’ve been told I used to do this whilst driving - the passenger used to prompt me to “open your eyes”. I don’t drive anymore.