Girls, were you allowed to hate the boys?

I was so taught that it is not nice to hate the boys, but I think it is part of being a kid.

When I was a kid, I went to a school without a playground. We just had an empty lot to play in, so every day we would play Boys Chase Girls or Girls Chase Boys. We took turns. On the girls chase boys days, the girls would file their nails into points to scratch more effectively.

It was basically a full on brawl, and the teachers didn’t seem to care.

I think hate is counterproductive.

I went to Robert E Lee elementary school, and boys and girls had segregated playgrounds. Boys could only play with boys, and girls could only play with girls.

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I played with boys, too. But it was a because I ran from the girls who, when we were 9, were already talking about getting married.

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I remember when my niece was small and had a birthday party where they played war, the boys against the girls. All in good fun.

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