Girls if you received this from secret santa would you be ok?



never mind i misunderstood

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I’m gonna give it to someone

Omg that’s so pretty!

Yes I think it’s super cool looking :slight_smile:

its ugly

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Hey @MeghillaGorilla1 you are a very grumpy girl. :grin:

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haha you’re right moonbeam, my bad

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It suits my personal tastes. I like neutral stuff (black, grey, metal, etc) with accents of red. So it would actually fit my interior design tastes pretty well.

Best way to pick out gifts is to think of what the person likes, and then tailor the gift to what they like.

But with Secret Santa it’s usually just a shot in the dark unless people also exchange lists, so you just gotta random the hell out of it.

Years ago I participated in a secret santa thing at an office where I worked at the time, and we had to make anonymous lists of things we liked. I wrote down the usual cheaper stuff for me like incense, peppermint bark, etc but at the end of the list for the lulz I wrote “ant farm”. This little old lady in the office picked my name/list from the box, and she went to Toys R Us and bought me an ant farm lmao. Best gift I got that year, cracked me up so bad.


A coupld of years ago I saw a cool ant farm advertised in a toy catalogue called “Antlantis” I wanted it so bad, never got it though! :blush:

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I was fully expecting a picture of lingerie. And I thought, maybe that’s a good present for a stranger?