Getting work is very difficult

I am unable to keep jobs and continue jobs as I have had many episodes in between… now i am trying to find suitable job that can help me sustain or move forward in life… what can i do to overcome the stagnation and find the right job… i was working in call center type of industries…

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I assume you are taking your anti-psychotics in pill form and have forgotten to take them while being employed. Because for me too, I work in a call center and have never had an episode in between because I receive my anti-psychotic medication via 4-week injection.

To be a consistent, dedicated and continuous employee at any business firm requires daily medication compliance in order to inhibit majority of the symptoms that manifest themselves during working hours.

@yinyang I don’t know if they’re taking their meds, but it’s not fair to automatically assume that about them just because they’re struggling.

I’m told I have complex delusions and hallucinations. I never miss my meds. I have an alarm set and take them at the same time everyday. Yet, I still have symptoms that my dr is fully aware of and has been for the decade I’ve been seeing her

Well, being med compliant does reduce the probability that any type of psychotic episode would occur since the anti-psychotic medication do inhibit the neuro-receptors in the brain from being too active.

I do not know your situation in regards the dosage, type and frequency of your medication. A decade is a long time to still experience symptoms that may or may not prevent you from being employed and that’s assuming you do have a job.

SZ is a chronic, lifelong condition. I’ve had symptoms for three decades and counting now. Some of us are also treatment resistant - the stupid illness gives our meds the finger and keeps doing what it wants to.



As long as the symptoms do not greatly interfere with our job duties and tasks therefore tolerable I would continue working.

Can you elaborate on treatment resistant as I am not familiar with this type of situation and or scenario.

It affects about a third of us:

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I wasn’t aware of this “treatment resistance” criteria regarding certain schizophrenics. I know I do not fall into this category.

I do. It’s why I’ve found strategies in addition to meds to manage symptoms. Meds are just one puzzle piece for me.

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I think the job market is a bit tight right now in many places. The money supply seems to have been quite a bit low for a while.

As much as I’ve maintained pretty regular employment since the great recession, I’m actually considering going back into student loan debt to weather this world financial thing until the next phase.

As I recall, I simply refused to go into some student loan debt during the great recession 15 years ago, and ended up having a nervous breakdown doing a job I strongly disliked. As I’ve mentioned, I’m attempting to study chemistry this time.

Weathering the storm can be important.

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I have been considered for several good jobs recently and haven’t gotten any of them. My security clearance went inactive and isn’t good anymore from not using it and I have bad credit now so probably can’t get another one. Most of the jobs I have experience for are in the defense industry. So it’s either working directly for the government or as a government contractor.

I am kind of upset about it but nothing I can do. I apply for jobs every day. Maybe something will come around. Or maybe our business will become more profitable.

We own a vending business but it only nets like $200 a week after shopping at Sam’s and paying sales taxes. But all the income is reported under my wife’s SSN. She doesn’t have enough work credits to retire so we are trying to get her some more.

I coach other vending operators on the side. It’s 1099 income so I stay under SSDI limits.


there are easy jobs to very hard jobs

b4 going to a job

you should choose the easiest job
dont think about money

if you want to succeed in having job

then apply for it and work in it

if you face any symptoms … you can ask for a phone call and call one of your family member and speak out to him or her about what you experience and ask him what to do ?
should i go back to home ?!! i think he will help you
told him you need really to have job … you can also speak to him about anything you like
then return to your job
you can also ask for an excuse from work this day
btw dont tell your scz…it is alot better
and here is your easy job your working
you can ask for phone call
you can ask for excuse not working for one day or days

we all who hv MI …ask for excuses …and normies do that too so much like us lol =D

good luck

Thanks for all the replies. I missed medications sometimes so had multiple episodes and not able to concentrate on job well. Now I am compliant to meds and hopefully I get job soon. Your support and prayers are most welcome.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and just take what you can get. I’ve had jobs that 40 years ago I would have turned my nose up at. But they pay the bills and get me out of the house and pay for gas and electricity. I’ve had jobs like stocking shelves in department stores, dishwashing, working in warehouses, and my current janitor job. Maybe not the greatest jobs but they buy me nice clothes and good food and the occasional luxury.

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For me the problem is not getting a job, but keeping it. I can’t cope with stress. If I stress for a couple of hours, I’m out for weeks.

Last year I applied for jobs and still got fancy offers. But for the time being I just can’t handle it.

Maybe it will improve in a couple of years.

Good luck with your quest!


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