Getting to the point

Where I can’t really tell if I’m hallucinating or just hearing genuine noises.

My dog doesn’t react though.

Sometimes they make no sense or are distorted.

I can’t tell still. I’ve never been unable to distinguish if I’m hallucinating like this

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I’m having the same problem, lately. :pensive:

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When that kinda stuff starts happening to me, I know it’s time to see the doctor.

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I’ve lost hope in psychiatry

My guy. I know you have had an unbelievably terrible time lately, and i know you have had bad luck with antipsychotics. But there are other options than just giving up and letting your life fall to ruin. I know how hard it can be to keep trying new things when it seems like nothing is working. Seriously, I do. But the longer you let yourself go without proper care, the worse things will get,and the harder it will be to clae your way back to sanity.


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