Getting to the age now where we’re burying our relatives too often

Not likely to make any new connections now I am passed mid thirties

Sick of having to bury people I care about

Nothing can replace these people who have always been there

Even when it may not have been well deserved


Friends too often, relatives not often enough.

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Sorry to hear about the loved ones youre missing. Life really is a precious gift.


Unfortunately we are all impermanent, everything :confused: it’s a sad fact. Ive buried alot of relatives.


I’m sorry you’re having a hard time.

I agree with you. :people_hugging:


I’ve buried a lot of precious loved ones. All relatives.

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My wife died in 2005
My mum died in 2010
My dad died a few months ago

I have a half cousin who’ll be 86 next year. It’s been many years since I’ve seen her i.e 40 years.

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