Getting things done a bit at a time

So motivation and actually doing things is a real problem for me. But I am getting stuff done a little at a time now. Day before yesterday I got so e cleaning in the bathroom done and some in the kitchen. Took a break yesterday to recover from no sleep.

Today I cleaned junk out of a corner that has been junked for a year! Pulled out, bagged, and to the dump!

Took my prn again. Feeling mentally better.


Great job! This is so awesome @ZombieMombie

Sounds like ur getting a good amount of stuff done although it’s not always easy.


Nice, @ZombieMombie!

Keep up the good work!


Thanks guys. My husband was shocked that the bags I carried out were from that little alcove\corner. He’s stopped asking me to clear it months ago. He can’t do it himself, can’t feel with his hands so he drops stuff and can’t hold on to things hardly.

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Good job!!! It’s hard to get moving but once you’re done it feels really good to have done it :slight_smile:


I have a feeling that I need to apologize for yesterday.I wanted her to stop doing what she was doing,and it was your support thread.I just warned her few days ago about behavior on forum,but she has her moments.I didn’t want to participate in thread because I felt I had nothing to say,and we didn’t interact so much in past.Please accept my apology.

Why do you need to apologize? You didn’t do anything. You’re a good guy :slight_smile:

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Thanks,I needed it :slightly_smiling_face:

:slight_smile: you’re welcome! Don’t feel bad, please.

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I was worried because I’ve read that you had to take a prn because of situation and went to sleep.

I needed to take a prn anyway. My shot has worn off. Took one again this morning. Risperdone.

Going to bed was better than getting angrier. When there ar choices between being angry or being relaxed, you know the best is rest!


I know her and been through same as you before I got used to her behavior.I won’t bother you any more with it.Just didn’t know you are emotional too.By the way,I liked your threads,especially “the advices”…

Everyone is emotional at times. I have anger issues when meds wear off.

Glad you like the bad advice threads! They’re fun to do.

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Wow, you should feel really good about yourself! I think you’re awesome!

I took a paper grocery bag full of books and DVDs to Goodwill today, and my husband is bringing home two bankers boxes to fill with more books. We haven’t cleared the clutter since we moved here eight years ago, and now we can’t stop giving things away! It feels good!



I miss all the books I had. I threw away and burned most of mine in a psychotic fit caused by topamax.

I’m sorry to hear that. In my case, I have a lot of spiritual books that I won’t read again, and I want them to benefit someone else instead of staying on my bookshelf. I have a journal where I have been copying down the most important ideas from each book, so I will still have that, just not the clutter of so many books. I gave away all my fiction.

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I get all of mine on Kindle now. My husband got me Kindle Unlimited so I can read as much as I want and not get library late fees lol!

That’s what my husband has been doing, getting everything on Kindle. .He’s been slowly replacing his paper books with the electronic version. He put a bunch of stuff on his wish list and then donated those books too even though he doesn’t have the wish list stuff yet.

I prefer an actual book, not that I have very many left!

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