Getting stuff done a little at a time

I’m just doing a little here and there. I’m getting ready to leave on Sunday. I’ve cleaned out the bathroom most of the way and half cleaned it. I have maybe 10 more minutes of work to do in there if that. And tomorrow morning I’ll go to the grocery store first thing to be there for boxes. That’s what they said to do when I called them. I went through all my clothes. Got rid of 2 big bags and packed 2 big bags. So I just have one small bag left to pack of clothes. I’ll maybe have 3 boxes to pack in the bedroom and 1 in the kitchen. That’s it. I don’t have much. I didn’t bring much with me when I came and I haven’t collected much. The furniture is going to the curb with a “free” sign on it because Goodwill isn’t taking donations right now.

Tomorrow I have 2 doctor’s appointments. Both by phone. It was good they got a hold of me today to confirm and let me know they were by phone or I would have gone to the offices like normal. Why don’t they tell you when you schedule it that it will be by phone? That seems silly. Well one of them I could understand that they didn’t know it was going to be by phone but the other appointment I just made yesterday, they had to have known but didn’t say a word. I could have driven all the way over there for nothing. Oh well, it’s fine. I know now, so it’s all good. I’m seeing my regular doctor to try to get some Ativan for the trip home, I need like 3 mg to sedate me and the Pdoc won’t give me that much. But if she won’t give it to me I’ll see what he can do, some is better than none. I freak out going on the highway.

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Hey @leafy good luck with the move. Always stressful so keep that stress low and it seems you’ve planned out everything well. Will be nice to hear you home and safe.

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