Getting Past The Big Bang

You must be transforming from a catapillar into a butterfly? What have embodied caterpillars told you to believe? What would you listen to and chart life according to, those catapillars or those that are in the crysalis (like me) or those who have become butter flies and are free? Those in that freedom, what do we hear? Their encouragement and hope for us, like whispers down a dark well to where lost children are kicked into by a spartan pit nightmare of conquest? What would a butterfly say to caterpillar, would it declare to him or her there is no hope, take the dope, or would it say… (strain to hear above and below the bellowing name calling and advertisements of the play ground and various dynamics). Know you are not junk, you are a growing dynamic being with not only a future and past or a present, but an eternal hope. If you struggle to keep that hope alive, would a universe built to propagate consciousness and life, and the possibility of growth, simply disregard your struggle, even if it was left to a material struggle for survival of the fittest? Anything other than hope, would defy any sort of logic or structure or order, and if that was so, we would not even exist. Such a ■■■■■■ up concept wouldn’t get past the big bang.


I want to start a conspiracy among us, The Conspiracy of Hope. I am didn’t really start it. It’s been here all along.

You need meds man.


Even if it all only goes back to the Lovers Embrace Between Your Mom and Dad.

A fish needs a Pharmacuetical, Like bees need more insecticide. I don’t play a doctor on tv. I consult with a doctor of recovery model psychiacatry regularly. Its your own ■■■■ up if you don’t like human expression.

Week after next is my 20th wedding anniversary. Just my wife and I in a lakeside cabin and I’ll have my circulation back. Gonna be a big bang, all right.


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That’s awesome! Thanks for sticking around. Any kids that got a way?

This sounds like word salad kind of

Allow me to ask you a couple questions in regard to this “word salad” slander that is currently being accused of those that express: 1) In replacement of “Word Salad” would you prefer “Cash Crops” or “pork soda pops and pills” 3) of those choices, what would you consider art, drugging a whole generation of artists from toddlerhood, or letting them express naturally through out their lives?

Do you consider a female hand held up to a blast of red dye, held a few inches from a cave wall, 40,000 years ago, do you consider it art or graffiti, or simply word salad?

My nose is runny mom, with blood, I think dad has a hard on with all of his degrees of separation. When is the loan going to be paid off, are were there yet? I have to mind my pdq’s because authoritarian pseudo doctors with police powers could drug, incarcerate, and incinerate me.

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