Voices on the way home

There like “yeah, levitation am i right? you know why we do that? because we are not subject to gravity that’s why, it doesn’t effect us. It’s not really flying or anything it’s just that we can walk through gravity so to speak and it not effect us so it’s as if we were flying from your perspective.”

So i’m all like and stuff “holllllllllyyyyyy sssshhhhhhhiiiiiitttttttttttt! have to focus! must maintain, get job, get job, need money, have to focus on earth.”

They don’t give a ■■■■ as usual and they just keep talking forever, even in my sleep, “yeah, we can just walk through a hurricane and it’s fine, doesn’t bother us. we’ll stand in the middle of a tornadoe and it’s more of a work of art than anything really.”

So i try and snap out of it “not only am i insanely ■■■■■■■ jealous right now i must focus. okay okay okay, get job, get money, earth is here right now. if i don’t take these pills i’m screwed but i have to get a job.”

And that is when the cackling begins usually. No one knows what i’m laughing about which makes me cackle even more.

Well, this isn’t good at all. They won’t leave man i swear, i want to get a job and do my part but they don’t care at all. They just stole me and won’t let go man! These ■■■■■■■ assholes are going to get me killed and they don’t care.

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:revolving_hearts: Hearts,
:sun_with_face: sunshine and
:unicorn: unicorns.
Yes, that’s right. And there’s more where that came from! :blush:

Love, :heart:

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Hearts are nasty, they are all bloody and made of meat and very fragile to.

Sunshine burns me and gives me disease sometimes.

Unicorns, no problem with unicorns.

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All she does is Crackle, and leave the wrappers in the otherwise empty container overnight.