Getting off Loxapine and Topamax

I decided to take myself off Loxapine after having mild TD symptoms start. I used to take 75mg then went down to 50mg at my last pdoc appointment she lowered it to 35mg then I went down to 25mg and finally I’m at 10mg. I’m sleeping fine. I’m interested to see if I’ll be able to sleep without the 10mg.

I also want to get off of my Topamax. I feel dopy all the time. I’m on 100mg to help control hunger but I don’t think it’s even working anymore cause I’m gaining weight since starting on Lexapro in place of welbutrin. But my pdoc won’t let me go back on welbutrin because now I’m a seizure risk with being bulimic and I literally just had my first seizure last week there’s no way she’ll let me go back on it now.

So anyway that’s my medication woes. My new medication regimen is
Lexapro 20mg
Geodon 40mg AM Geodon 100mg PM
Propananol 40mg AM and PM
Loxapine 10mg PM
Metformin 500mg PM
Hydroxazine 50mg PM
Ambien 5mg PM
Ativan 0.5mg PRN

please be careful and tape slowly. Use some months to get off of it.