Getting my libido back TW


Invega took away most of my libido. (All of it tbh)

I couldn’t reach an orgasm at all.

Now, through supplements, im slowly getting my libido back.

I can easily masturbate without feeling dead after and I don’t get depressed.

Feeling happy.


So you still on Invega but the supplements have done the job?

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No one wants to know that


Pretty much @anon39015889

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Good for you man :lion:

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hey, im from the UK and i take 40mg tadalafil (aka cialis / viagra) all the time and it helps Alot with my antipsychotic-induced erectile dysfunction, sex drive and orgasm. I buy it without a perscription and get it for about £0.26 or $0.36 per pill which is really cheap since it really works better than anything you can take. my choice is unitedpharmacies but Im sure you can find it online in the US really cheap too without a perscription.

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I just take a low dose sedative.

Good on you for trying Viagra.


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