Getting my first moderna shot wednesday!

can’t wait…yayyy…anyone else been vaccinated?


Nope, still waiting for word on when they’re opening up to my cohort. Love living in a third world, first world country.

I already got my two. I got the Pfizer.

I had the first Moderna.

I scrambled a lot get that shot; I hope I don’t have to scramble so much for the second.

They gave out the Pfizer vaccine March 18th at my psychiatric care provider, after the Governor opened up vaccinations.

I’m on a waiting list.
Waiting for my turn.

I’ve had mine. Waiting for second.

Waiting for my second too.

got my first astra zeneca one, due to have my second one at the beginning of may. i’m so excited to be vaccinated and for all this to start being over! :mask:

I got my first one not long ago. Get the second april 16.

Canadians now have to wait four months between shots to stretch a limited supply.

Wow. Is that effective? I’m ignorant concerning that.

Yay! Best of luck JukeBox, nice one

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I got my second moderna shot on March 19.

I’m on a list so gotta wait

They say it is, who knows?They originally told people masks weren’t effective. It wasn’t because they weren’t, but because they wanted to preserve the supply for health care. They have a record of untruths, unfortunately.

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