Done for the time being!

So got my second astra zenica jab today. Touch wood all good so far and the future but it’s good to be through the process. Meanwhile we are back to community transmissions and wearing masks again. Just out of another lockdown but you’d think the peeps would be on top of this by now. I guess some lessons are hard learned for those who make policy! …Or they are just idiots…:slight_smile:


Sorry you guys are back in masks and in lockdown.

I just ditched the mask and feel totally weird about it.

I hope you guys are able to get back to some sort of normal soon.


I got Moderna twice. I’m done as well, but still wear a mask inside public areas.

Glad you are all vaxxed up there, @rogueone!


I’ve just registered for my first jab, but they haven’t given me a time or place yet. I’ll be going after the Pfiser jab.


I got both Pfizer shots something like 6 weeks ago now on the final one. Like @anon39054230 , I still wear my mask in public places like stores and the like, even though it’s not mandatory here.


I got the second Pfizer dose about 2 months ago. Any visits to a grocery store, big box store, any place with a lot of other people milling about dictates that a mask shall be worn for my wife and I.


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