Getting Motivated List & Chat + (Poll)

So i have a few things that i really want to do but it is really hard to find the motivation to do these things so i thought i'd list them along with how i am trying to work towards finding a solution.

  1. Learning Keyboard
  2. Learning Ableton,
  3. Writing songs

I’ve been trying to get motivated for a long time to play the keyboard but lost confidence and motivation, I also tried to learn how to use a DAW in order to make music and the same thing happened, i also used to write poetry but stopped and now i am finding it hard to re-establish that creativity in writing even though i enjoy it,

I have started a college course which i am hoping will give me the boost i need with one to one guidance & support.
the problem is that although i want to do these things i just don’t think i am able (it seems like too big a task)
I also get tired a lot and sometimes i’m just not in the mood.

Please answer this quick Poll:

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  • I Don’t need Motivated

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If you have a List of things you’d like to share that you are trying to get motivated about please share and any steps you have or may take to do what you want to do.

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