I have no motivation and power of will to draw

when i sit to draw its so hard =(


Creativity comes and goes sometimes. It’ll return.


U can try ur will out…ur drawing looks perfect to me.


i draw only about few times a month

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You’re more prolific than I am, @anon48059102. I haven’t painted in about 6 months now. A few sketches is all. It’s a terrible feeling to have no motivation.


you know browsing a lot of art also helps with inspiration

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I know this feeling all too well…I suffered lack of motivation for a year and it’s no fun.

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Its the same with me for writing. Some days its hard. And if I try to write while uninspired my work almost always sucks. A lot of my issues when it comes to that is my stress levels, if I’m too stressed I can’t write. Which tends to make me more stressed, because I feel like I should be writing. At some point I have to tell myself to just step away and not doing any writing period. Then when the mood does come and I write I’m almost always happy with my work.

Basically sometimes you just need a break from your daily activities, and there’s nothing wrong with that the mood to draw (in your case) will come back, just find something else to occupy your time until it does.

I get this way with music. I can have a really productive day where i can get a lot of ideas out and then go weeks or months without feeling inspired. arts something I can’t force it’s gotta come naturally.

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