Getting around

One of the things I find difficult. Not because of my physical fitness( I’m fairly fit for an overweight 59 year old) but because of my poor sense of direction. I tend to panic if faced with going anywhere new/far from home.
That’s one of the things worrying me about the likely move. Will things like the gp , mental health clinic, shops etc be near to where I live or will it involve going some distance from home.
Where I am now everything is near to where I live.
The fear of getting lost and trapped is strong.

I get lost even using a map, but my work I have to go places

I have found that Google Maps is a great tool, I have learned new names of places where I have been in my town.


Out of town here Google maps seems not to work so well, have found myself as much as 10 miles away from where google said it was

I struggle to read maps.

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I’m 57, and I’m noticing a few lapses in my memory. I’ll start to do something, and then I’ll have to stop for a second while I try to remember what I was going to do. I forget the names of places I should remember. It could be just a little stress, but both my parents died of degenerative brain diseases that were very similar to Alzheimer’s. I’m not too worried about it. I figure I’ll know when my time is up.