Getting alien99 socialized!

Last night I was out and about. My wife and I went to karaoke (no, I do not sing, and no, you don’t want me to try) at a comedy club/bar. I had root beer. That’s the only way I like my beer. :wink: Anyway, karaoke was late starting because the comedy act ran over time. So for an hour I sat there eating mozzarella sticks and wings, kibbitzing with the gang of people that follows the DJ around. We’re friends with the DJ, and the DJ’s girlfriend’s family are always in tow too. Felt good to get out. I sat right under the speaker (nowhere else to sit), so when karaoke started, my head began to tremble. But the one hour of socializing was the fun part. I enjoyed bullshitting with folks about whatever. Crap, all this talk of food now has me hungry.

What do you do for fun and socialization? We’re social creatures - we need to be among others.


Good for you! I haven’t been very social lately, I think I need new friends, I think my current friends aren’t very good for my mental health.

But how to meet new people? It sucks. I need to do something, just don’t know what.

I’d suggest getting the most healthy friend you have and go out and do something fun. Don’t get Debbie Downer and have a crappy time. I like going to sporting events, plays, comedy clubs, and even the occasional bar. Bars are fine if you can stand the crowd and are okay with not getting plastered. I think the most drinks I’ve had at a bar is 3. Each of those events I listed have things you can do on the “side.” For instance, at a bar, you can challenge others to a friendly game of darts or pool. Even if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn or are the worst pool player in the world, just have fun. Or at sporting events, you can go do things that are meant for whatever you’re watching that are in the back of the stadium. I can probably come up with other ideas, but that’s just what comes to me.

ETA: Theme parks are a BLAST too! Plenty of stuff to do there.


Those are excellent tips. I can’t really drink so a bar is not a good idea, but I will think of something.

Because of this, my birthday is coming up and I don’t know what to do, don’t feel like doing anything.

Will meet with some friends tomorrow, that will cheer me up.

Thanks :smile:

Excellent opportunity! Get your friends to bring their friends. One thing you can do at your place that doesn’t require going out is having a board game party. Those are fun! Sit around a table, and play board games or card games with others, while others can play other games elsewhere. Throw on a decent movie for good background noise. :smiley:

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My apartment is really small, I was thinking of a picnic in a good garden near here.

Ask a friend with a bigger place to host. Tell them you’d like to have a birthday party, see if they’re okay with the idea, and maybe “compensate” them with something - buy them food or beverages or offer to do something for them. Just trying to come up with ideas.

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Those are all good ideas! I’ll come up with something. :smile: Thank you Greg.

I’m off to bed. Good night!

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You’re welcome. Nite!

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You’re lucky to have a social support system. Most of us were ditched by our friends or even spouses after being diagnosed. Me? I try to get out to do a little volunteer work every now and then. I’m kinda-friends with one of the people there. We sit and talk for an hour or so sometimes.

I’m hoping my social life expands as my stream of income increases. Then again, I might just sit in my condo and order stuff online. Grrr.

Yay! That is always fun. We are social people and need others right? I’ve found that actually having stimulus around me can pull me out of a slump. Tis a good thing!

I am very happy for you. Socialising makes a huge difference to me. Silly talk in a shop in a queue or even a smile of a stranger who says thank you after letting them first into the train can brighten my day. I can always see an improvement in my mental state after I spend some time with other people. Which doesn’t happen often due to the primary instinct of alienating myself… I need to fight that tendency though, stop being a “loner” as already sb called me at uni…

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This forum counts as socialization, right? :sob:

I’d like to think it does…other than that, I have little socialization-outside-of-the-required-immediate-work-and-or-school-context skills and limited places to interact now, having graduated and gone through an employment slump. So, if I’m in a work setting, I can adhere to the structure and policies, otherwise, I’m socially awkward in a visible way.
Today, I was socially awkward with my friend while we shopped at a thrift store. Yesterday, I was socially awkward at the gym.

You could socialize with me over at Fitocracy. Just sayin’.


Fiiiiiiiine…sheesh, some people are so demanding… :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, these emoji are fugly.