Get to point nothingNO ONE

Living in this hell everyday. Take whatever meds they give me. Worry about nobodies.
Talking about me even if they are ■■■■ off.
I’m not going to kill myself I’m ■■■■■■■ mad GIVE IT A REST THEY CANNOT HELP YOU


Roxanna, I hope you feel better. Are there any good things that have happened in your life lately?


A little happier. I don’t want my meds jacked with too much

I just want to yell at ppl

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Have to have curtains on end close cos I think someone isooking in.

Do you take meds as prescribed? I know it’s a little personal, I’m just trying to help.

Yes I take them as prescribed. The room is spinning a little bit.

Dang. It sounds like you’re always dealing with symptoms. It must be difficult. I hate dealing with symptoms. I hope you feel better Roxanna.

1 Like probably just stressing out over nothing

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feel better. Don’t give up the hope!

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I don’t want to care about ■■■■■■■ dumb neighbors buses hospital. Just to see suffering no no let me sleep. If I go check my mail I’m screwing people trees my mail key . It’s a sunday.feck all. Watch out if I’m tomboyish feminine I’m a whore. If I have no friends I’m a gay or a ■■■■. I really don’t like people ATM

Don’t let the boogiemonster get you

I have to take my meds now.

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