Geodon (Ziprasidone) and 500 calories - Scientific research


Ah thisis just what i had asked my doc. He said 300 is okay like latuda. Honestly i make vegan oatmeal fruit shakes which are about 4-5 00 calories max

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what is vegan stuff like? , when i first started Geodon i would only eat meat and hot sauce every 12 hours when it time to take my meds no vegetables or anything,

I buy honey or cranberry oatmeal and use two sachets in a large cup of nutribullet
with 1 cup cashew or almond milk
1 or 2 banans
2 tablespoon Chia seeds
2 celery
half an apple
and something sweet.

It does not taste good like a decent meal but I like it plus it is easy and quick.

At night next week I will start taking 40 mg so I am planning to have a 500 calorie protein meal. Maybe lentil / rice / potatoes / some sort of protein source like tofu or soya meals etc.

I don’t like meat really. I like fish but trying to cut it off


Put some peanut butter in that shake and you’ll get to 500 calories.

It sounds pretty good actually.

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