Games with Gold Feb 2016

Nothing really notable beyond Gears of War 2… Available from 2/16 to 2/28

The gears games were good… It’s interesting to see how the polish developed from the first title to the 4th game judgement… which was a damn smooth looking game. However I still think the 3rd was the best. “Bigger better more badass” was Epic’s slogan for each release… and by the time they got to the 4th installment that just means a lot of extra crap.

Anyways heads up on that. I’ll be picking up a copy… feel free to add my XBL profile “Rockbad” to your friends list.

Take care folks.


I only played the first 2 gears of wars games. I really enjoyed them. Ive been looking out to see if they will release them all on xbox one like the halos so i can play them again.

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They are backwards compatible on the xbox one…

The first gears of war has an anniversary edition exclusive to the Xbone… doctored up graphics and all that…

but you can play the 360 versions on the Xbone as well…

That master chief collection… 60 frames per second… very nice…

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Yeah i bought the gears of war 1 remaster and halo collection. I did not know the other gears of wars were backwards compatable!!! I still own the second one. Might have to look out for the last two. They should be cheap these days. I didnt know about that backwards compatable. Thanks for the heads up

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No worries mate… all the Games with Gold freebies will run on the Xbox one…

They add more titles each month to the backwards compatibility list…

It can be tricky to get them downloaded on the xbox one… but I’ve gotten a few titles…

Getting the free games on the website though… they’ll automatically download to your 360 first… which ever one is registered to your Msoft/xbl account… For some reason I can’t get my xbox one registered in the same way…

All the same I have done it before… the titles should be easier to transfer in the future…

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Nice. Ill hunt down a list of games that will run. I hope halo wars works. Its cool they are doing this. I have my 360 packed away. This is good if i ever want to replay older games

They said halo wars is coming to backwards compatibility soon.

I agree that gears 3 was the best. Judgment lost the Epic Games magic.

I added you Rockbad :slight_smile:


Sweet… A new friend.

I’m not sure about the other halos as the Master chief collection was meant to cover them… I’m assuming they’ll be added.

Halo reach works.

Not seeing the invite but I’m sure it’ll pop up.

I think there’s no invites anymore, I should be a new follower on your Xbox one followers list.

Hmmmm… I’ll have to fire that crapbox up and see what that’s about…

Still digging the 360… Got a few xbone titles

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Hehe… Halo… I just had a blast from the past and played the first two recently and now its all my freind and i do when we get together

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What games you got on xbox one. Any recomendations? I have the 3 forza racing games. I love these. So relaxing. I also have alien isolation which is one of the best games i ever played

Alien isolation was so good huh!

The witcher 3 and fallout 4 were good this year and just cause 3 is a lot of brainless fun

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Yeah i love alien isolation. Havent played the others you mentioned. I will get fallout 4 eventually. It looks really good

Fallout is good. It’s kind of like fallout 3.5 but still you can lose 50 hours into the wasteland easily.

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Master chief collection, thief, mortal kombat 10… Want to get halo 5 and the rare replay to get the n64 version of conker’s bad fur day going… That was some fun multiplayer back in the day.

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Love mortal kombat 10! Banjo and kazooie would be fun to play on rare replay

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Yo!!! Found you…

Cool, thanks for the add man

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