GABA levels in schizophrenia

There needs to be more research surrounding GABA levels in schizophrenic patients. I truly believe GABA levels are more important than dopamine levels when it comes to this illness.

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There is a whole GABA hypothesis to schizophrenia we learned about in neuropsychopharmacology. So it is being researched. Only thing is GABA and dopamine are very closely connected so it can be hard to tell which exactly is causing issues with the other, or if neither is related at all!

“GABA hypothesis proposes that reduced neuronal GABA concentration and neurotransmission results in cognitive impairments in schizophrenia”

That’s just one example, there’s others. (Weird website but the study is from a neuroscience research journal) It’s not as well known as the dopamine hypothesis because it’s newer.


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