Gaba botanicals instead of alcohol

Professor Nutt has been developing an alcohol alternative that makes you sociable and tipsy but doesn’t use alcohol to do it.

The direct alcohol alternative will take another 3 years, but he has developed a botanical drink as an alternative called sentia spirits.

There is also another range of botanicals called three spirits. that claims to give you an alcohol free buzz.

They are pricey at £25-30 for a 50cl bottle. I don’t know how many shots it takes to feel a buzz and thus is twice the price of a spirit alcohol.

It is quite pricey and I’m sure it will interfere with meds, but so does alcohol so if you drink anything. Sentia is definitely based on gaba.

What do people think of these botanicals?

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Bring them on! But it’s not hard to picture enterprising publicans offering cocktails mixing both varieties of poison.

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Sounds interesting, but at that price I think people will stick to the old and inexpensive alternatives.

Maybe the botanicals will become posh hype :blush:

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