No alcohol then what about these?

Here is a link to various alternatives to alcohol that give a buzz currently on the market:

Buzzy not boozy - the rise of functional drinks that deliver on feelings as well as flavour. - Beyond Alcohol

Not a Good Idea. Once you been sober for a while - you will realise your just covering up the issue by using these products.

Its a common thing for alcoholics to think the magical cure is in 0% beer. Your just setting yourself up for a fall - cos you will inevitably go back on the stuff. Ive done the same.

Your just covering up the root cause of your problem.

You could say the same about using antidepressants… :wink:

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Fair comment. But people are not addicted to SRI’s .

It depends on your definition of addiction.

“Based on other definitions of addiction, antidepressants could be viewed as being addicting in a different way than the more commonly known addictive drugs. By some definitions, an addictive drug can be defined as one that is both “rewarding” and “reinforcing.” Most people that take their antidepressant and get benefit from it, will find it to be both rewarding and reinforcing – encouraging people to continue taking it to feel “happier.” In this regard, one could argue that an antidepressant could become addictive to a certain individual.”

Are Antidepressants Addictive? It’s Debatable. - Mental Health Daily

Then there is dependence:

Antidepressant Dependence: Psychological & Physiological Aspects - Mental Health Daily

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Yeah, i get your arguement. But you simply cant compare the loss of relationships, domestic violence and the DT’s with an anti-depressent.

Taking your pill at night - doesnt get you locked up for anti-social behaviour.

I wasn’t comparing antidepressants to alcohol. I was comparing ADs to these alcohol replacements.

Who is to say that these alternatives will cause domestic violence, loss of relationships or DTs?

Fine go ahead - with your “alcohol replacements” - and let us know when you pick up the bottle again. Cos you will.

Your talking semantics.

Not all people who drink are alcoholics.

You are probably right though for your case. I wouldn’t recommend these alcohol alternatives for you.

And yet you want an “alcohol replacement”.

Most people are in denial.

I always used the word “alternative” rather than “replacement” as it has different connotations.

Isn’t the antidepressant you take a replacement for your sadness? While it is true in your case it is better than replacing it with alcohol, some of us can drink with self control or spend an evening with an alternative to alcohol that isn’t taxing on the body or mind.

The thing is with alcoholics is that it is an all or nothing attitude which could be argued to be the demise of any abstinence program, as most people find it difficult or impossible to abstain for the rest of their lives, but I digress.

Luckily for me, I have complete self control and will power. I have proposed these alternatives for those that can do the same.

I have noted your points that you feel that anything that resembles alcohol is not an option for you as you see it as a replacement.

I feel that antidepressants are replacements (although doctor approved) for any illicit drug and are not as harmless as people like to think.

Cobblers. Why are you so strongly defending alcohol? Your original post was how to get “buzzed”.

Why didnt you post about tea instead.

A bunch of the ingredients in these drinks are contraindicated for people with my heart condition or on the medications I’m on. Just seems easier to me to go out for a hike with a camera or take my kayak on the lake, I get a good buzz from those as well.


I have posted about tea a couple of times in the past. And now this. :slight_smile:

I defend alcohol in context to those that are able to drink sensibly. And this post is an alternative to it altogether.

Those on meds are advised not to drink at all. I was hoping that perhaps this would be a better alternative.

People get buzzed from nicotine and caffeine. I don’t see this as any different.

My main problem with a lot of these companies is they’re basically charging 5 times as much for what amounts to juice with a multivitamin in it.

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Well, that is capitalism for you. You have to pay for the branding lol

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People buy this stuff for me all the time because they know I don’t drink. They generally taste gross, because the makers are trying to make them taste like alcohol. The taste is by far the worst part of alcohol.

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I don’t see the harm for healthy people other than you’re paying a lot for basically nothing. Of course that’s true of the suckers who patronize Starbucks as well. I do agree with Seth that alkies need to be careful of trying to obtain the same “rush” elsewhere, it generally doesn’t end well for us. If you’re not an alkie then Bob’s yer uncle.

Edit: I should also mention that I really do love a good cuppa.



Some of them actually are tasty. Hang on, I’ll link the one I found best

Ahh nevermind, i can’t remember it. But it was basically watermelon juice and ginger ale, so I just started buying those two things and mixing my own.

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