Funny thread

I have not seen a movie in a long time. I want to see a movie about a boomerang.

I also want to see a movie about nothing!! Lol lol


Have you ever seen that movie about a truck? Lol lol

If I produced a movie, I would make it about a stick, and some jelly.


I got lonely….so I talked to a tree. And the tree talked back to me.

I laid down…. And I forgot to put my sheets on.

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If I was a camera man for a movie…. I would film a pond ….the whole entire movie.

So you saw that movie as well.

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No, I just know about it.

But I’ve watched this one a few times:

It’s similar I guess, but about a car !

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What if a nat exploded, and it was like an atomic bomb.

I can’t spell thgfdre gutkugg? Tjjggt djttf fyiuyt!! Hgyuf that is all I have say about that.

What if an old lady beat up Mike Tyson.

I went to a concert….and I forgot my shoes.

I created a movie, and it was about a bird.

What if a dog saw a tree.

What if somebody was born with 7 feet.

Should I drive a car?

What if a tree dropped kicked a man, and he flew through the air for 200 miles.

I enjoyed reading this thread

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Thank you…. @TheIdlerWheel

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I want your innocence dude… how do you do it?

For me friends come and go but enemies collect.

I’d be interested to see your reaction to such a quote.

Some of your humor I don’t get but you definitely get points for dancing as if no one is looking.


I agree. This thread is very wholesome.


I love this thread! :grinning:

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Thank you @MissMickey….151515

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