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What if a bat and a monkey got depressed and they didn’t know what medicine to to take.

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What if a plane dropped a grizzly bear on an aircraft carrier, instead of an atomic bomb.


Well a monkey’s medicine for psychosis might be called an “APE P”(AP)

Edit: Darn it technically monkeys arent apes. But it works for my joke.


What if a squirrel smoked a cigarette and got confused and burnt himself.

I was walking and I looked down and I saw the sidewalk, and I thought what is that.

I looked at the kitchen counter and I saw a plate, and wanted to throw it, like a frizbe.

So is a schizophrenic bat simply sh!t crazy or is it more polite to say he is batsh!t crazy?

This question has occupied students of crazy for centuries.


What if a moose, went to Duke university, and he made straight A’s.

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What if an ant farted?

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What if an ant, got on this site, and he got a girlfriend on this site.


I saw an ant at the group home, and he said, why don’t you get your life together!

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What, what! Oh my gosh, I am gaining weight, oh my gosh I am like Sham moo!

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Oh my gosh, I forgot I am on my phone, while I am on this site.

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That’s pretty funny lol. I can imagine it going ape through the corridors lol that would be a surprise for sure


I missed your funny threads @Jake


Hey my name is Jake, just kidding.

I just got finished eating a rock, for lunch.

I forgot to go to sleep last night!

Ouch my toe hurts!

I’m going to repeat all of these jokes to my friends…on February 30th.