Funny thread

OOps, I forgot to take a shower the last couple of years.

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What if a baseball player hit a home run out of the ball park, and the ball hit a fan in the parking lot…right when the fan was talking junk about the player who hit the home run.

What if a player made a hit, and the ball went right between the pitcher legs.

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What if a baseball catcher, had six fingers… and the pitcher got confused when he did hand signals.

What if a baseball player hit the ball and it disappeared.

What if somebody made a mistake with the foul ball line on the field, and they got confused when somebody hit foul ball.

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I’m too tired. I can’t think of funny. Didn’t sleep last night

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If you put a flower pot on your head you’re a pothead. My mother did that once.

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What if someone was lighting a cigarette, and the lighter was like a blow torch and the cigarette desinagrated.

What if a coffee machine threw up.

What if a woman had six toes and she ran out on nail polish.

What if a lion roared and a house cat killed him.

What if a lion roared and something got caught in his throat and he stopped roaring and he started again.

What if a rabbit parted the red sea instead of Moses.

What if a gorilla won the 1st grade spelling bee.

What if a rabbit fell into a coffee cup

What a if bee won the spelling bee, and then they called it spelling bug.

What if a bear and a rabbit had an essay contest.

What if an ant played the drums.

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