Funny things happened in the past few weeks

I started drinking tea instead of coffee two weeks ago. They drink a lot of tea in Russia and we all know about events happening in Crimea. Today, I watched a movie ‘Game Change’ about Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidency candidancy of 2008 and today Sarah Palin is the leader of the Tea Party. The origins of the United States of America began in the Boston Tea Party. I once visited the Tea Party boat in Boston, that was in April 1991, 23 years ago. Now Hillary Clinton has got a little offensive and compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, which is totally inappropriate. Maybe it is just me, but there may be a real Game Change coming before the elections of 2016 that Hillary Clinton intends to win. Maybe it was the God who made me to drink tea. What do you think?

I think I better exercise my right to vote again.

Hillary Clinton is one scary woman. :hand:

Who scares you more - Hillary or the Tea Party?