Bear may be arriving

In the beginning of 2014 I wrote on the net that bear may be arriving. Now after few weeks of the Crimean and Ukrainian crises, I am more convinced that bear may arrive. This means the economical downturn and decreasing markets which may create an opportunity for a new U.S. Presidential candidate against Hillary Clinton and her 2016 election strategies. Russian bear is surely making changes in the world and today Russia and other nations are closely linked and the downfall of the Russian economy due to the western sanctions may also bring this bear to the western world. This all may change the U.S. Presidential politics for the 2016 election. Never knows what happens in these next 2.5 years. The world is an interesting place indeed.

Is this to your liking?

When my sz started in 1998 I often saw dreams that I was floating with little bears. As I recall it was a so relax and peaceful state of mind that I was not happy to wake up from these dream states. That was when the Russian political and economical changes started after the failed strategies of Boris Yeltsin. Obama came to power as a result of the economical downturn in 2008 and following ‘the London rule’ he and his followers may leave the office as the result of the economical downturn, the bear economy. ‘The London rules’ states that those who come to power with a sword, they lose also their power by a sword.

In US politics the parties will switch back and forth. After 8 years of a democratic president, there’s often a change.

I know. I have been following the U.S Presidential elections since the early 1990s. In 1992 the daughter of the murdered abortion doctor, John Britton, asked in Atlanta whom I would choose to become the U.S President, George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton used this aportion doctor murder in his political speech in the fall of 1994. I did not answer and they probably thought I was stupid, but I had no opinion. Dan Quale had his role in the elections at that time with his ‘potatoes’ spelling and Clinton’s favorite saying was ‘it is economy, stupid’. During my military service in Finland in Feb 1992 I listened the State of the Union speech by George W. Bush. That was recorded on a minitape that was sent to me to Finland by then my fiancee. The internet was not working then. Al Gore, who passed some early laws for the Internet in the 1980s, could have become the President in 2000 and the world would have been different today. 2016 will be an interesting year.

I don’t think anything is going to change. Russia is part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) the fastest growing countries in the world. China is already the biggest exporter, but I don’t think they will really get the brain power we have (from other countries that is) until the average Chinese person has the standard of life we (I would like to say reasonably) expect here. I can see wanting to go live in a big Chinese city like Beijing, but I think that the only reason someone would would be to experience it not really for the rest of your life. The U.S embassy there uses, if I remember right, canned air (an actual commodity over there) to stop their people from getting so sick from the pollution. It isn’t healthy.
South America has a reputation for seizing plants and other companies and making them part of the government, and to be honest I’m just kinda waiting for a revolt. South America in general seems to like to revolt, so I don’t really see Brazil being the next super power.
No body likes Russia. I want to go see Russia to see the beautiful churches and where “Crime and Punishment” was written, but it is really scary over there from what I have heard. Putin is ex-KGB (the soviet secret police force) and is running the show.
India doesn’t seem to have enough jobs for their huge population. I kinda feel bad for them. You get all these education then you end up working at a call center for Americans who forgot to plug in their device and are wondering why it isn’t working.

I dont touch politics with a 60ft pole. I have enough challenges in my life, and I am exempt from drafts because I am clinically insane. We could have World War III and I would just carry on like “at least my meds work”

Russia have had air force practicing close to the Swedish borders. At first we did not have any air force avalible to make a mark for Russia we se them. NATO air crafts did that. Now military have mobilised in Sweden. No “days off” for the air force. It is a bit scary what happens in Ukraine.

Yeah. But we did the same thing. We took over two countries, in fact, countries we had no business in. I’m not saying that excuses Russia, but we can’t be all high and mighty. We will probably just do what we do best. Arm insurgents, train them, and set them loose.