Funeral attire

Have to go to a funeral soon and its super annoying having to get all these smart clothes that I will literally never wear but for someone else’s death. I do understand that you want to be respectful but I also think its kind of stupid. I spent £55 so far and thats only half the outfit (and tbh was very cheap stuff). Still need shoes and while I don’t really want to buy one I need some sort of jacket.
I only have 3 days or so until the service (was given short notice) and am a little stressed out about it.
My Uncle said I needn’t worry too much but I cant exactly turn up in denim jeans and a tshirt can I? He seemed to say as long as long as I wear trousers and a shirt its okay. But I just hope no one else gets offended if I cant find proper shoes in time.

Its also gonna be awkward because its my Dad’s mum who has died, and my Dad’s brothers who are arranging the funeral. But while I really like his side of the family and my uncles, I have not been talking to my Dad for a little over a year because I find him intimidating.

I don’t even know if my Mum will make it as my parents aren’t really speaking a lot. I told her about it with this in mind. We’ll see I suppose.


Can you rent a suit for the funeral?



Yes try your best to get some black shoes, could try second hand thrift shop?

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Ohh i should lend some…

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Well I spoke to my Mum and she said I shouldnt spend money on clothes I’ll only wear once and that black jeans and dark shirt will be fine. I might keep the black shirt I ordered and return the rest. I dont think there will be many people there so its not like Ill offend lots of people anyways.


Just wear black


I had to go through this when my father died a couple months ago…glad you got it figured out.


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And why am i banned from posting sekfies and theres no warning to go withit?

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I agree. Funerals are different from how they used to be. You’ll be fine.

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Why do you never make any sense?

Sorry I didn’t catch that sooner.

Calling me a moose is an insult not an “expressive opinion”.

You are too old to act like such a child on these forums.

If you are poor, just try to have some “sunday best” style clothes maybe just a single pair, not exactly expensive, just clean, and something you can wear to things like weddings or birthdays or for photos.

Don’t blame yourself though if you dont.

Schiz, medicine makes you gain weight and a lot of the time the ability to keep your job so not having clothes in your size because you have all that going on isn’t your fault.

If someone brings it up, and says something to you, tell them that and that they need to back off.


Don’t come back digging up old drama. Just say you’re sorry and move on.

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I dont think 35 is old. And im autistic. So sorry.

I didn’t say you were old,

I said you’re too old to act like a child.