Fuck cancer

My uncle has cancer. He is going to die. It’s in his liver. He is in too bad shape to be treated with radiation. Not a good morning. My grandpa died of the same cancer.

Oh, I’m sorry Comatose. Really sorry.

that is bad, sorry

That’s terrible news. Cancer is such a scourge.

very sorry to hear this news, comatose. Take care.

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Thank you all. I must try to cope whith this somehow. He is only 65 years old.

Sorry, I had an aunt and an uncle who died within the same month nine years ago, they had a funeral for both of them at the same time. My aunt died to small intestine cancer, she was schizophrenic and had taken antipsychotic meds for decades. This makes me wonder if some of these antipsychotic meds cause cancer in the long run.

Sorry to hear that Comatose.

@Comatose I am so sorry this is happening. I fear cancer too. I hope you find a way to accept his passing. I know that is easier said than done.

Very sorry to hear that, it is hard to have a loved one going thru that.

One of my uncles died at 48, when I was a child I used to play soccer with him. He also spent some time in Sweden when he was younger as so many other Finns have done. One of my godfathers was stabbed to death in Stockholm in the mid 1990s. He had served some time in the French foreign legion when he was younger.

People seem to die everywhere. The reson I get afraid is prop the fact that I too will die some day. I’m not ready for that. I wanted a normal life. Not this schizophrenia-stuffed-with-meds-life. I want to live. To feel alive. It’s like life paused and I’m stuck in anhedonia-land. I can’t die like this.

My uncle is a very kind and caring man. He has had a good life. But too short. Prognosis is not too good.

It’s like life paused and I’m stuck in anhedonia-land.

Who knows what the next generation of meds will bring. Cbd meds, iti-007 etc.

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im so sorry for your loss comatose

You are 10 years younger than I am. I know some people who are much older than 80 years. Who is to say how long we live. If you believe in God, then God has chosen our paths. I have one aunt in Goteborg, Sweden, she is also schizophrenic and is living in some health facility. Love yourself, love your kids and love your husband. We do not know how many days we have left.

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I’m really sorry to hear I feel the same just be strong for him

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