Frustrated with useless coworkers

I hate lazy people.

I hate dumb people.

I especially hate people who are both lazy and dumb.

They made me hate my job today.

There are never falling pianos and safes around when you need them.

That is all.



It’ll all be ok :ok_hand: pixel.

Shitty day. Hope it improves

The entire week went that way. Seriously considering taking the entire DJ rig to work for Monday morning and feeding them 13,000 Watts of this:

The co-worker who has been dogging it and caused the majority of the problems had hellfire rained down on her and likely was written up. That being said, two days later, she spent most of the day surfing her phone while the stack of paper on her desk grew. Hope she was surfing a job site.

We have shared activities. We’re up to 17 pages (that’s a LOT). If you print out the activities I’m responsible for you get half a page (means I’m on top of my area). I was assigned 10 pages of the backlog to fix because I work faster than my other two team members. So I’m doing their work plus my work. Asked the boss if I could have some leniency on sales targets until we catch up, she said we can’t afford that. Well, it’s not like they’re gonna fire me if I miss them given that I am the best worker bee in my area.

The phone was INSANE yesterday. Change requests came in faster than I could do them and everyone needed everything immediately. The mostly useless team member was off sick (it was a Friday, she only ever gets sick on Fridays) and my other team member who was left kept visiting with the other youngsters. Had to keep dragging him back into his office to get work done. And Millennials wonder why older workers despise working with them? HINT: Try working ■■■■■■■■■■■■■

I. Am. So. Exhausted.


That really sucks. Stuff with lousy coworkers is crap. Hopefully your workplace sees how shitty your coworkers are.

Honestly, I wouldn’t waste my energy on them. Instant gratification and lack of hard work has gone into what most would call “fake news”. Ya gotta let it go or you’ll blow like a volcano :hugs:

The boss isn’t dumb and I think she has seen this for a while. The co-worker in question has been with the company for six years, but I’m the one who trains new hires (I’m coming up on my second year).

I don’t understand what point you’re making?

We’re a brokerage, we help place customers with insurance companies. We get a slice of the fee for this and we have a responsibility to look out for the interests of our customers. That means we need to stay on top of their files and earn that slice of the pie we got, not sit around planning the next weekend outing while at work. I find much of what happens at work to be disrespectful to our customers.


I mean that people don’t put forth the time and effort in their job as much anymore. Instead of taking pride in work and seeking to excel, it seems most do the bare minimum to get by with no regards to others

That gets you an AMEN with a PREACH IT BRUTHA thrown in as well.

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I ave a friend who worked for Wells Fargo. Trust me I know all about being disrespectful to customers. Wait, just to meet quotas, they would do anything without batting an eyelash

I heard they’re a pretty sketchy outfit.


I know. It’s awful. Blows my mind how devious and crooked people can be, and their mgrs encouraged it ffs!

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I’m lucky there, my manager understands that we grow our business by serving our customers well. Part of the problem is that it’s hard to find staff, let alone find good staff.

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It is curious. I had a government job for awhile. I got to see how little work at work some people do.


It’s frustrating and hard to see others sitting on their phones most the day or talking without working or going over 20 minutes on breaks or those who come in late consistently but don’t write that on their timesheet. And you’re sitting there working the whole time. It pisses me off too.

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