From ages 19 to 22 I could not work but I've been working since

That’s about 3 years that I could not work. I was diagnosed in 1980 with paranoid schizophrenia when I was 19. Those next three years I spent in group homes and hospitals. When I was 21 I was going to a vocational program 4 days a week. Through a series of small steps I became employed and I have been working almost steadily since.

In the vocational program I started off doing mailing projects and yard work. Then the counselors at the vocational program made me sole groundskeeper of the building. Then, they had me run a cash register for lunch that they had in the building. Then they had me catch a bus to their main office and do some light janitorial work two days a week. Finally, the program got me a steady job in the community at a small business. I stayed there for 4 years. So I just wanted to show that a gap in your employment history does not necessarily preclude you from getting work…


I have a hard time staying at a job. I just find it triggering. Once I worked at U-Haul and I thought the birds were telling me to leave. Also I find it triggers some sort of sensation in my head that I feel blood rushing as if I’m angry, I see the color red, but I don’t feel angry. It’s a really weird experience and I think I should probably tell my psychiatrist when I see her.

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I’m 22 and the longest job I had was for three months. That was last year. It was a big deal to me but I’ve just been making ways.I haven’t worked since last year

the longest job I held was 9 months and that was before I was fired for freaking out in the back room and hiding in the clothes rack.

I was thinking about this problem, since I’m not working right now. If I go into a job straight from Vocational Rehabilitation they’ll be more understanding.

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