Has Schizophrenia affected your employment?

Has it affected your jobs and your relations with coworkers? I’ve left a couple jobs due to schizophrenia and paranoia. It has affected my employment history for the last few jobs I had to not last that long (only a few months). I am currently looking for another job and hoping to find one soon. I hope that my schizophrenia doesn’t affect the next job I am at and I am trying very hard not to have another episode/delusion.


I’m in the same boat you are, @LoveisKind. I’ve had to quit several jobs due to schizophrenia (paranoia mostly). The anxiety is awful while I’m on the job, too. Longest I’ve lasted on a job since having sz is like 2 months. But I’m currently looking for work! Part-time, day shift only. roughly 20 hours a week. We’ll see if I can land a job somewhere

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I got sick at 15 and I’ve never been well enough to work

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not really for me. my issue was my lack of skills make me work physically demanding jobs that don’t seem to be worth it. so i often quit. most of the jobs i’ve had, i’ve been fairly independent just having to do my work. i’ve never been in an office where there is a lot of sociallizing. i think that would get to me.

the longest job i ever worked was for 4 years. i think i made it that long because i had a friend who worked with me. when he quit, i ended up quitting.

I wish you the best! I am looking for part-time work as well.

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Since I was diagnosed I couldn’t hold a real job for more than 1-2 weeks. I quit more than 10 different jobs in my 8 sz years. The only “job” I did for 6 months was not really a job, it was at my mother’s accounting office and I worked whenever I wanted, I took more breaks than a normal job has.

Yeah of course. I am on a pension so don’t work. I do a couple of half days volunteering to get out of the house. I have the same problem. Work fulltime is too much and I get stressed. I get stressed I get paranoid. It’s a cruel cycle and a good reason I’m on disability.

I’ve been pretty open about my mental stuff to my coworkers. We’ve been pretty close, though it’s been strained, too. They wondered what was going on when I was hospitalized unexpectedly :confused:. I’ve been on medication for several years, but most recently I’ve been struggling with panic spells and anxiety, as well as paranoia and delusions. Part of me worries about my job because I know I’m lucky to be able to work

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i got sz at 26 and havent been able to work at all since, im 44 now…the only work ive done is voluntary work in a charity shop for about 4 months, i quit due to sz stress.

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I can’t work or volunteer at all because of schizophrenia, I have difficulty working on myself like hygiene, etc Without my parents forcing me I would never bath, now they force me to bath once every week.

I think yes,if not for my father my employment might be unstable

I’ve had to quit jobs because of being recorded and followed. I don’t work now.

yes… I lost job.

I’ve only had 1episode and lost my job to it. I’m on meds so it’s hard to concentrate and remember things. I do get paranoid on occasion still with meds

Sza affects my employment adversely in that sza makes me very inappropriate in both word and deed to the point where I am unemployable. It also makes me into a chronic insomniac to the point where I am unemployable. I need a car in order to get to a job and I am unable to drive due to my very poor judgement from sza.

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Just one word HORROR !

I lost my job to it as well, was hearing voices and couldn’t hold it together, was paranoid ended up in mhmr with psychosis, under control with meds now and really would like a job. I know what u mean about concentration n memory

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After the covid thing started i have not looked very hard for work — but hey at least I’m not sick :upside_down_face:
Interviews are always hit or miss, I’m awkward in first impressions

I also have trouble being on my feet all day

Yes, I was workin a full time and a part time job when I had my first psychosis. Lost them both.

I’ve worked pretty steadily since about 1983 when I was 22.

I have had mostly unskilled, entry level, labor jobs. I did very good at some of them but if I had never become schizophrenic at age 19 I would think that I would have had skilled, higher paying jobs.

Funny enough, I got my first job at age 17 and after three months I quit and then I had a string of about 15 different jobs and never lasted more than three months at any of them until I got diagnosed at age 19. I also just barely graduated high school and my senior year I flunked almost all my classes and got kicked out of school.

I got my diploma but just barely.

In 1983 after three years of being unemployed I got a job and stayed four years. Then in 1984 I also enrolled myself in community college.
What’s funny is that I’ve lasted longer at jobs after being diagnosed. I’ve had a few jobs where I’ve lasted more than three years. And I flunked a lot of classes in high school but in college I’ve gotten more than a few A’s in classes and many B’s and C’s.