Frightened I'll lose my disability money

I live on a small amount of SSI and SSDI. I’m able to get by because my rent is super cheap. I have an efficiency apartment, which is all I need, though if I get a cat I’ll have nowhere to paint if I ever do that kind of art. The pandemic has me scared, I think the world economy will collapse, and now there’s talk of a vaccine resistant strain of coronavirus. My pdoc has talked of work before. I cannot work because of several reasons both physical and mental. I have feared homelessness for 25 years. I could not survive, I’m too weak, physically and mentally exhausted. I need a quiet place to rest. I wish I had a god I could trust in, I can’t depend on man. I live in the USA. I have a dream of supporting myself one day and somehow paying back the money I’ve been given. Does anyone else fear things changing because of the hard hit economy?


I do sometimes. I also fear that because I’m feeling better they will cut me off.

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I’m worried that my benefits will stop too.

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Why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet? I know how you feel though I worry too


İ have this problem also.i m worrying lot of unhappened problem.


Me too I think it could have something to do with the meds or illness I spend alot of time worrying about things that haven’t happened

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İ think we are using same meds.invega right?

I also worry about becoming homeless.its a hard life for all of us.

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I finally feel financially stable, after years of fighting with insurance companies and fearing winding up homeless. I can certainly understand the feeling

It’s hard enough to cope without the fear of no safety net

I worry about losing my benefits too. I guess that if I lost my ssi I could live off my snap card. If I lost my food benefits card I could eat out of trash cans. I’ve done that before. I would probably stay as far away from skid row as I could get. Skid row is full of hazards for me. Coming off my med’s would become hellish for two or three weeks, but then I would get over that. Tulsa is a good place to be homeless. At least it was the last time I went through there a couple of decades ago. They have labor halls where you get work every time you go in. Tulsa isn’t a good place for me, though. I did some stupid things and made a lot of people mad at me the last time I was there.

Your doctor works for you remind him of that. If he’s going against your interests find another doctor. You’re the one paying for his service. He needs to be empathetic to your cause.

Social Security is changing. The head of SS was just fired by Biden. He was a Trump appointee that didn’t even qualify to be in the position.

Heres a news update on Social Security

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@Wantsome480 where can i find that la times article who that lady reading?

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