Friend of mine with son has sza

a friend of mine that i met through group at the new mental health clinic told me about his son. the father has bipolar disorder and his oldest son has schizoaffective disorder. his oldest son is worried about his children getting ill too he has a daughter and another one on the way. his wife has mental illness too. They are good parents so please don’t judge them my friend speaks so highly of his son and his daughter in law. my friend just wants to know what to do if the kids start showing symptoms, his son is very worried about this.

Therapy is a must…Meds not so much. As the brains developing any thing dealt with in therapy will greatly reduce symptoms. Greater chance of having a fuller happier life. Really the first sign of mental health issues is social difficulties.


@cbbrown I watch out for signs ans symptoms with my kids daily. One of the precursors I learned at least with sz is visual perception issues. My son had a moderately noticeable wandering eye, my daughter had a mild wandering eye. I took both in for visual testing not an eye exam - it is more indepth for perception, tracking and more. My son was okay, my daughter had some issues. So we did eye training for that and it has helped.

Next thing is we watch for fears that pop up and counteract them immediately. Like being scared of the dark - we purposely would turn off lights in the house and play night games with flashlights or dance in the dark. Very hard to do with my own fears, but it is amazing what you can do for your children.

You just have to be more aware and confront the signs before they turn negative.


You should be proud of yourself as a mother.

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My daughter was cutting herself, dropped out of school, was using drugs and alcohol.