Fried wonton strips

So I am very frustrated. When I used to live on the East Coast I used to buy these fried wonton strips from Shop Rite market. Now I’m back on the west coast and I can’t find anything even vaguely similar and it’s very frustrating to me. Shop Rite can’t have been the only one who made good puffed up wonton strips?! I can’t even find them to buy online.


I feel the same about Pimento Cream Cheese Chip Dip. Mom used to buy it in Quebec…can’t find it anywhere here in Ontario.

It was to die for, by the way!


California has the weirdest food I’ve ever seen. They put the dumbest things on pizza. Thank goodness for Taco Bell.

The thing I can’t get anymore due to the move is hybrid flour/corn tortillas for my famous enchiladas. I might look into buying some online.


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