Friday evening, feeling lonely, anybody likes to chat

It is again another Friday evening and I am alone. Today was good for cycling. Snow is melting quickly .I am just feeing more lonely than usually.

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Hello @mjseu ,
I too ride my bycicle almost every day. It’s the best thing in my life. I ride about 200 km in a month.
I also feel a little bit lonely. I have no TV. So I am looking most of the time in my cell phone.

Hey @mjseu is there any movie :movie_camera::popcorn: you could watch? I know you like movies.

My goal for riding my bicycle in this year is 3500 km. Yes, cycling is very nice. I have a TV but I rarely watch it. I think I am going to watch CSI Miami tonight. I think that loneliness is common among us sz people. I do not have a smartphone and so I am using my laptop.

I am going to watch CSI Miami tonight. I lived in Miami over two years. Nice to see familiar places.

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You should watch Miami Vice !

I have the entire series on Blu-ray. BUT i don’t have a Blu-ray player yet :joy:

Is this new Miami Vice, not one from the 1980’s.

The one from the 80s.

I just did a quick Google and there’s a new series coming out in 2021! Incredible ! I didn’t know that. (I won’t be watching it though)

Takes years before this new Miami Vice is on TV here where I live.

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Hmmm… The trailer looks good. Maybe I will watch it after all.

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