frequent moves, escaping, travelling etc

Hi, I’ve read in a number of different places that one of the symptoms of schizophrenia is frequent moves, trips etc. My brother (who is schizophrenic) is socially withdrawn and spends little time with family and yet he will travel long distances to be with a friend for a day and night, before moving on to another friend. When we ask how he enjoyed himself he says he didn’t really.

Can someone shed light on what the frequent travel/moves are about?


There is a family forum that can offer you better support.

But I can try and answer. Perhaps he is dealing with negative symptoms, so life is less than fun. He might be taking these trips for a thrill, but he comes to find out he is not happy on these trips either. Life with schizophrenia can be unpleasant and people try to cope in different ways.

Check out the family forum. @anon9798425

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