Freedom..a tattoo

If I wasn’t so scared to get a tattoo it would look something like this.


It must be so amazing for a bird to take flight after years of being captive.

They have the best life a bird. When i come back in my next life i will ask God to make me an eagle so i can soar high above the lands and just glide around


what are you scared of?

I decided and got a tattoo within 30 minutes :joy_cat:

I love tattoos. I will get a new one in December.

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I’m aging and getting wrinkly. I’m scared after a few years it’ll look like a creepy hand reaching out to grab an elephant lol

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If I live that long to be considered creepy, I’ll be happy I made it that far :slight_smile:


I’d like one of my Loved ones that have passed. Unsure how to make it tasteful but would have “Rest in peace grief is the price we pay for love” in Latin on the bottom

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