Free Tarot Reading

Just click on the left icon and pick 6 cards from the deck.

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I’m thinking of selling my tarot cards

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Wow them must be some fancy cards. Mine were dirt cheap. I just chucked mine.

I got my Reading…

Well, THAT wasn’t fun!

It told me I have bad breath and to shave my back hair.


I have some rare ones…I don’t believe in tarot

I have a collection of 4 different decks: marseille, crowley, golden and another one I don’t know the name. Plus two more random angel cards and zen cards

I was really into it before

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Give me a Reading, @Minnii!! :smile:

Nah Patrick, they’re in the storage unit, really don’t feel like it :slight_smile: Sorry, maybe next time

So my Reading is…

“You will be given the brush-off by a pretty, young girl?”



There was due to be a tarot reading in my town but it was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances…

I’ll get my coat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ditto… i have a few decks…

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Sounds like it. I’ve always taken Mystical & religious beliefs with a grain of salt. If it works for you that’s fine by me. They have always made me feel squirmy on the inside. You need more at the end of the day than just Cold Logic, but I try to be more Philosophical then Spiritual. I feel ‘cleaner’ that way.

Me too. It was something my dad passed on to me and it stuck for a while, then it became a cool thing to do with friends, and creep them out a bit with psychological tricks :smile: Some came true though, I gotta say, but not all.

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Lol, I hate it when that happens. Connections! Oh the Horror!

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A few years ago my therapist and I realized we have the same address… she added up the number of the address and it totaled 21, so she had her friend draw that card, and this is what we got:

Mine kept talking about boyfriend issues. I’m not as much of a straight arrow as I had myself pegged for. :blush:

My magic 8 ball says cannot predict now.

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I sold my Aquarian Age deck and within a year had bought them back. I like to look at the pictures.

This is what i got, but my mum is the dominant one in my life, im not allowed to be near her because she took the children from me, so im a bit upset about this reading, i havent got family now. and im not allowed to be near my mum even though she still dominates me through my illness. xx

rd 1: How you feel about yourself »
The Empress
This is a time for nurturing, material and domestic comfort, a feeling of abundance, harmony, joy and love.

A time for motherhood - you may already be pregnant or thinking about motherhood, if female of course! If male, this is a period of joy and abundance for you too - the appearance of The Empress here could also indicate that your mother or mother figure could be of great significance or comfort at this time.

This is also a card of creativity so it is a good omen if you are feeling creatively inspired at this time.

All the tarot reading and all the future predictions are just a way to make money off of gullible populace. It’s all bs. No future exists.

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