Free periods (UK women)


I feel like this should be a global event.
Like… Menstrual pads are expensive here if you want some that don’t have to be changed after half an hour of use. I’ve had to borrow money on several occasions in order to finance my period products, and it’s sooo embarassing :frowning:

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wow I had no clue. :persevere:

Period products are so expensive.

Years ago I switched to “diva cup” and its a freaking life saver,

Its a little gross at first and definitely has a bit of a learning curve,

But once you get used to it, its the best thing that ever happened.

Highly recommend “diva cup”, its a little expensive up front, but I haven’t bought tampons in a year.

My friend used that when she went on vacation. She was ill so she told me about it.

Does it really work for swimming?

The idea is :nauseated_face:

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It works for everything.

And I know it sounds gross, and it is a little gross,

But so worth it.

You really do learn a lot more about your body and you don’t have to worry about tampons,

You don’t have to take it out or change it when you pee,

Its awesome!

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