Have you ever felt that bugs are crawling under or on your skin?

I have. I’ve been experiencing tactile hallucinations since Monday where ants are crawling under my skin while I’m trying to sleep. They happen all over my body, from the head-face-arms-back-stomach-and legs. Its a very annoying sensation. I found out that it’s called Formication, and it is usually treated by antipsychotics such as olanzapine and/or risperidone.

I don’t know about you guys, but currently I’m only on 400mg of Amisulpride. But today, I went to see a psychiatrist at a private mental health clinic and she prescribed me 1mg of brexpiprazole as an add-on treatment to see if it can treat and control my Formication?

Have any of you experienced this before?
And, is it okay… to be on two different antipsychotics at the same time?
How do you treat formication from a non psychiatric point of view? Or is it Reallllllyyy… a hallucination that can only be treated with more dosage of APs?

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Yes. I’m on 4 antipsychotics


I only get formication when I am off meds for a while.

Yeah i’m on Invega and CBD. Some of us have to be on two meds. Such is life

I had formication too in the past

Just to update everyone…

I tried taking antihistamines (2 types, 1 nonsedative and 1 sedative) for Formication in the past to try and treat it but it didnt work, although it helped me a little to sleep.

Yesterday, I mentioned that my pdoc prescribed me an add-on treatment of Brexpiprazole (Rexulti) of 0.5 to 1mg to take at night before sleeping.

I was happy to see that I was able to sleep without the tactile hallucination irritating my whole body. Just adding or increasing the dosage of Antipsychotics can control the symptoms of Formication!

So, if you’re going through these symptoms… there’s hope buddies! Just talk to a psychiatrist.

In my case it is true that I have bugs crawling all over me. We’re infested with bed bugs. They’re very hard to get rid of. The kind of repellants they sell over the counter don’t really get rid of the bed bugs. The idea is to drive them away from yourself, so that they will bother someone else.


I’m on three.

During my first episode I experienced this… bugs and snakes…

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