Tactile hallucinations all of a sudden

Always got bugs crawling on me. Nothing changed. Just all of a sudden bugs all the time crawling on my legs. Either spiders or ticks. But then absolutely nothing there. How to explain it???

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I get the sensation sometimes that there are bugs crawling on me, but it’s usually triggered by the fact a bug actually was on me that day or the day before.

It’s like my nervous system is anticipating more. Probably not the same thing

Well there was an ant crawling on me a few weeks ago. Like the lil bugger kept crawling on my 3 times in a row wouldn’t leave me alone. Tbh it’s been ever since almost I thought there’s bugs on me.

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It could just be your nervous system working overtime. That’s what seems to happen to me anyway

I have tactiles 24/7, and they are usually quite pleasant. I assume feeling bugs on you isn’t, haven’t experienced that one before.

I had horrible tactiles when I was off meds I think the meds messed up my brain more because I use to never have them then after being on meds for awhile and trying to go off I had them really bad I still feel someone touching my penis even on meds

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My tactile halluication felt like my whole body was burning up, it wasn’t painful though like I was on fire, but strange and annoying.

I have this one, too. Sometimes, there are roaches, and other times, it just feels like there are.

That sounds like what I call the “disgusting sensory hallucination.” The genital one, I mean.

I get that one, too. It feels like a huge violation, so I dislike it more than most of the others.

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