Forgotten what we are dying for


Why are we so incomplete ?

The curse can’t tie us down.

All I see is kings and thieves.

All I hold is dust and gold.

Stars will never fall.

Rescue me…Rescue me…Rescue me…

In case you have not watched all of these crash videos, they all lived to tell a story.

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Every night he kills you?
And yet every morning he makes you whole?
Who is it who dreams? Who is it that sends the dreams?
Why do I sometimes watch? And other times participate in these dreams?
Why do I remember some dreams, and others I do not?
Why is that some dreams I remember for EVER?
Why is it that some dreams use symbols, and other emotions?

Ask yourself before you go to sleep, and listen to the answers!
Indeed meditate (think) on the questions, visualise your dreams, ask for answers!

It matters not which symbol you use but the emotion and truth you hold to this symbol.
Be it Math, Psychology, Theology, Christianity, or Computing.

Use your mind and these symbols, to find truth in what ever form you see!
God, Science, Family and friends, Truth and Justice, Symbols and Emotions.

Just make sure it is positive. Know which energy you serve, and be clear if only to yourself.

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A true brother you are.

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The point is EVERYTHING is twofold - you can either see it as BAD (negative), or turn it around at get some GOOD out of it. If you see no good on the other side then it is down to you to create some!

Either life is an obstacle, or a stepping stone to greater things above.

Life is Life, sometimes you have NO control and Evil happens. The only control you have is what energy you attract by the things you THINK, SAY, and DO afterwards.

Just avoid the Negative, in the BEST way you can.

What goes around comes around (etc) is Judged on INTENT; eg trying to be good is what matters.

Or do you think the person who had a PERFECT childhood gets Judged equally to those that got sexually, mentally, or physically abused and now have mental illness and CAN NOT act “normally”?

It is NOT so. It is ALL based on Intent.

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My body was invalid, i have to be more descriptive.

Each of these folk were heading in the wrong direction. A fellow known as God gave them a second chance, they took that chance.

However, if you are an ignorant piece of Sh_t then place other posts above love.

Show me. Show me. Show me what can be placed above love.

Thanks guys and gal for singing. You bring life back to me.

I have deleted most of my other posts on this website, it has just too many negative people on it, playing games with their mental health and how it makes others feel.

I leave this post in case it helps another, if not just ignore it!

No man is perfect, all do bad.

Just ask and give forgiveness, and this will dissolve any negativity.

Love of man, no religion needed.

Don’t settle for less.

Don’t settle for less in everything you are !

You do not know of us, but we love you all.

We saw everything, and we came back. We came back to you. For you are everything !

After all eternity, all we saw was kings and thieves, dust and gold.

We were mistaken ! We did wrong.

We are so sorry what we did to you, but now is yours !

This is what is said.

Now we beg you for what is right.

Just tell us, for we know it is you who are in the right.

What are they talking about. Think big, think very very very very big.

They told me to not forget who I am, for they know who I am.

Of course my true identity can be found at but only by those of those oh so few who choose to see the truth. Choose in secret, for no other will know or believe you.