Forgot to take my meds last night

I had a really bad night which resulted in me forgetting to take my meds, I take them at bedtime. It’s now the next morning and I feel super super sick, and tired and nauseated, I dont know what to do. Should I just rest until it’s time to take my meds and take them at the appropriate time or should I take them right now?

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Can you contact the pharmacy to find out ?

I was thinking about calling my nurse, I feel super super sick

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Contact your doctor asap. That’s the best thing to do.

I think it usually says so in the information that comes inside the medpack. I think the general advice is to wait until the next time you are supposed to take them, but if it feels unbearable you should contact a doctor or pharmacy.


I think mine said to take it if its not close to the next dose. Don’t take if close in time to the next dose. Not suggesting anything bcz I got suspended last time I did.

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Check the papers you got with your meds or call the pharmacy.

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For my medication I was told that if I miss taking them at the usual time by more than three hours than to just skip them and take them at the usual time the next time. (If that makes sense). I think it would depend on which medication you’re on.

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Yea mine too said the time but I forgot it and threw the paper, they just give it with the first prescription. They should really include it everytime though!

I think the only time its an issue taking a dose is if you’re not sure if you’ve taken one or not. Do not take one if you do not remember having taken one or not.

As for if you take two doses call poison control.

As for having missed a dose, I don’t know what the recommendation is.

You should probably be contacting an emergency line of communications to a hospital’s psychiatrist

My hospital always says “if this is an emergency call 911”

My recommendation is to call the non emergency line for your local police station, have them and ask for what to do to get into contact with an the correct people’s number.

I once took 2x80mg Latuda by accident and had terrible akathisia. I looked up WebMD and the max dose was 160mg. I had such a relief. The akathisia disappeared after 30 min and I was all good again.

I took like 190mg latuda and Risperdal at the same time and still was delusional…nothing helps.

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