Forgetting social skills once you hit your prodrome phase

Did this happen to anyone else here? Or maybe after your first psychotic episode? I have no idea why talking with people hasn’t felt natural like it used to ever since my prodrome phase 14 years ago.

Maybe I should have said conversation skills instead of social skills in general. It’s like making regular everyday conversation just became too tedious for me at some point. I can’t stand it.

I know I’ve made a few topics before describing strange symptoms that no one had anything to say about, probably because they never experienced anything like it, but I’d really prefer to not be met with dead silence on this one if possible. It bugs me too much and I want to know if I can chalk my loss of conversation skills up to being a symptom of sz, or a personal shortcoming.

Has SZ/SZA affected your conversation abillity?

  • Yes, once I hit my prodrome phase
  • Yes, after I became psychotic
  • No, I still make conversation just as well as before

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I have never been great with conversation even before psychosis.

I don’t know I don’t have much to say sometimes…

With certain people it is easier however.

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I’m not the worst conversationist.

Although maybe certain environments do trigger that in me.

I just don’t know much

Have not much motivation to learn and experience

But at least it is still there in me the motivation and inquisitive nature, it just isn’t always very strong.

Since my prodromal phase I’ve found it very difficult to follow and contribute to conversations irl. It’s much easier on the forum and text because I can reread over and over and take my time to respond. Irl I can’t seem to process what people say all the time and when I do I also have trouble formulating responses

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I used to be good at conversation. Now I can’t ever think of anything decent to say

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I recovered somewhat but it took 10 years but I cannot do quality work or work that requires creativity and intellect. I cannot focus and remember or learn or retain ■■■■ at all.

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I have a bit of a problem talking to people unless I feel a good vibe or I know the person

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It depends on the person for me. I get sleepy and tired of those ppl who are fast and advanced in their conversations. Easier and slower conversations I can handle no problem. But I think I am worse at conversation now vs before sz.

I feel that I cant participate in the conversation as its too much for my brain, like when I try to talk with my brother’s friends. Its much easier for me to talk with my own friends.

I can do ok, but I do lack social skills from being alone for so long

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I’m pretty bad at small talk. But I can have some sort of conversation

I hear you! After 2015 when I hit my first psychotic state, and was at my worst, my conversation skills took a nose dive my social skills too, I’m just really awkward now a days, I used to be really good at talking and being up to date with my social circle, but not anymore.

I was weirdly opposite. I had always been awkward and had trouble making friends. Once I got sick, I suddenly knew how to talk to people and was very entertaining.

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I’ve always had difficulty initiating conversation. I don’t think it got worse,after becoming severely mentally ill. As someone who lives a very limited lifestyle, re things I do, I dread ‘What have you been doing?’ type questions… I reckon I talk far less per week than the average person, but significantly more than I did in Essex.

My social skills overall aren’t good. Online participation can hide it to some extent, but I’ve always been someone who’s more likely to be respected than liked.

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